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The problem: Sales and support teams use a CRM system such as SugarCRM or and the development teams use Jira. So the teams have to struggle with two systems, resulting in mistakes and inefficiency. What if there were a way to automatically sync back and forth?

The solution: The CRM app for Jira provides effortless, bi-directional integration of accounts, contacts, cases, custom fields, and objects between your CRM systems and Jira. The CRM app displays customer data from a CRM System in a Jira ticket and Jira issues in a CRM System screen, sharing timely knowledge between two otherwise disparate teams. It works with both Salesforce, SugarCRM and MS Dynamics CRM Online out of the box.

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License terms:

  • The price is for an annual recurring license.
  • JIRA Users do not need CRM Licenses.
  • CRM users do not need licenses on JIRA.
  • Supports JIRA On-premise only.

For JIRA Cloud support, please consider our integration solution ConnectALL