Marin Software Uses Goldfinger’s CRM Plugin to Connect Salesforce and Jira for a Superior Customer Experience

Posted by Maritess Goellnitz on

About the customer

Headquartered in San Francisco with offices worldwide, Marin Software provides industry-leading enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies around the globe.

The challenge

Marin Software uses Salesforce for managing their customer account data and Atlassian’s Jira for issue and project tracking. It was important to connect these two ecosystems in order to enable a consolidated view of customer activity and ensure alignment between their development efforts and overall customer outcomes. Integrating Salesforce and Jira would allow them to bridge the gap between their customers and engineering resources and prioritize the right features and fixes to focus on based on customer impact.

The solution

Marin Software initially considered building the sync functionality between Salesforce and Jira in-house. However, when scoping an in-house solution they realized that the high degree of complexity involved in integrating the two different platforms was not worth their time and effort. Their search for a reliable solution led them to Goldfinger’s CRM Plugin for Jira.

The CRM Plugin for Jira helped Marin Software meet the stated challenges by providing an all-in-one solution that allowed a bidirectional integration of Salesforce and Jira and automatic exchange of data between both instances – displaying CRM data on the Jira issue screen and Jira data in the CRM system. This eliminated collaboration barriers among their Engineering, Sales, and Support teams and provided the necessary context to quickly prioritize issues and tasks based on overall customer impact and associated revenue.

Goldfinger’s experts worked closely with the team at Marin Software and provided them the necessary support to implement the solution on a custom object in Salesforce. The first phase of implementation was focused on bugs, which required training Marin’s Support teams to link cases and escalations in Salesforce to the relevant bug in Jira. The second phase focused on feature requests and training their Account Management and Customer Engagement teams to link accounts in Salesforce to the relevant feature in Jira.

Business benefits

Goldfinger’s CRM Plugin for Jira allowed the customer’s team to link their Salesforce records to corresponding issues and objects in Jira through a seamless workflow. This facilitated organization and prioritization of issues and tasks based on overall impact and voice of customers, resulting in optimal delivery and improved customer satisfaction.

“Our engineering organization is now able to prioritize JIRAs based on affected customer count and Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). Bugs affecting a large number of smaller customers are now viewed at a higher priority by aggregating the overall customer impact. Feature requests are now prioritized based on a collective voice instead of single customers.”

Rob Simonoff
Vice President, Customer Intelligence at Marin Software

The overall benefits to the organization are immense, including:

  • 100% case transparency
  • Silo-free interactions between customer-facing and back-end teams
  • Access to full context of customer issues and priorities
  • Greater productivity and more streamlined execution of customer-centric tasks
  • Speedier resolution of cases
  • Improved customer experience

Future impact

The flexibility and functionality afforded by the plugin allowed Marin Software to keep customer priorities clear, make communication with customers seamless, and streamline response time. It will provide the much-needed visibility into their customer lifecycle and create the expected synergy between their Jira and Salesforce ecosystems, speeding up their journey toward greater customer-centricity in the long run.