Enhance Your Testing Efficiency With synapseRT 9.8

Posted by Maritess Goellnitz on

synapseRT is here with its upgraded 9.8 version for Atlassian Jira. This latest release is packed with loads of interesting features to ensure enhanced testing efficiency and greater flexibility for your teams. In an agile environment, it is essential to continuously improve your test management process to optimize the speed and quality of testing, thereby maximizing your business outcomes. Here’s a quick look at the new features of synapseRT that are tailor-made for agile testing and DevOps teams to release higher quality software faster.

New features of synapseRT 9.8

Requirements, Baseline, and Baseline Comparison Reports: Have you been spending hours of time preparing your requirements documentation? It’s not necessary anymore. This feature enables you to export requirements data directly from Jira in just one click and thus save time and resources for collating all the information.

Urgency of test cases: This is an important feature that a lot of synapseRT users called for. With this addition, you can now define execution urgency in the Test Cycle and prioritize the execution of Test Cases to ensure that the most critical functionalities are tested earlier in the testing phase.

Support for Parameterized jobs/builds in Jenkins: synapseRT 9.8 supports parameterized jobs in Jenkins in addition to default jobs. thus providing more flexibility for automation teams to scale their software quality efforts.

Additional/Enhanced features around Test Plan/Test Cycle: synapseRT 9.8 has come up with various new features around Test Plan and Test Cycle to enhance the usability and flexibility of the tool. These improved features include the option to add/remove Test Cases from Test Cycle in 'ACTIVE' states, load Test Cases on the creation of a Test Cycle, or list Test Cycles in reverse chronological order.

JQL search: In addition to the basic search feature, you can now use Jira Query Language (JQL) for an advanced search. This is to improve search functionality and provide a more flexible way to filter requirements and get faster access to accurate information.

In addition to these features, there are a lot of other improvements that aim to improve the overall user experience and maximize collaboration, efficiency, and agility. With a robust tool like synapseRT designed to handle all aspects of your test management in Jira, you can provide your organization the capability to conquer multiple agile test management challenges while creating the pace required to keep up with an accelerating development lifecycle.

To unlock the value and efficiency of an enhanced test management process, try synapseRT 9.8 for free now!