Enhance Your Flexibility, Efficiency and Functionality with synapseRT 9.9

Posted by Paolo Almazar on

Get More Flexibility, Efficiency and Functionality with synapseRT 9.9

synapseRT 9.9 version for Atlassian Jira is here! This latest release is loaded with new features to ensure flexibility, efficiency, functionality and enable full continuous agility in testing and development environments.

In this modern agile environment, advances in test management processes including the ability to customize and automate are crucial in keeping pace with accelerating development lifecycles. This allows the delivery team and organization to respond in a more agile manner to changing business requirements.

Here’s a quick look at the latest features of synapseRT 9.9:

  • You can now pre-define additional 'Run Attribute' information and fields which can be used in test execution. 
  • You get more customizable options for 'Test Cycle Report' which offer adjustability of report generation to different teams and purposes. 
  • The 'Search' function is added for Test Plan issue and Test Cycle in any gadget which saves time if you want to lift one Test Plan issue from many.
  • 'Requirement Version' can now be automatically created via the new 'Create Version' post function, which you can apply once the Requirement issue reaches a specific 'Status'.
  • Customizable fields to display 'Test Case', 'Requirement', 'Execution' and other synapseRT statistical information in Jira are now available. 
  • A more intuitive Test Cycle page user interface.
  • And much more!

    In addition to these features, there are a lot of other improvements that aim to improve the overall user experience and maximize collaboration and efficiency. 

    synapseRT is a dynamic and powerful tool designed to handle all aspects of your test management in Jira; empowering you with the flexibility, efficiency and functionality you need to achieve full continuous agility in your testing and development journey.

    Try synapseRT 9.9 for free now!